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Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.

— Winston Churchill


Your financial future is too important to leave to chance. At Key Wealth Partners, we partner with you to develop a comprehensive, personalized financial plan that serves as a road map to your most important goals.


The elements of your financial life are all interconnected. That’s why our customized plans integrate your full range of goals, challenges and opportunities, including:

  • Cash-flow Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Funding
  • Investing
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Philanthropy

Your plan is developed only after we discover your goals, values and vision. The result is a document that is unique to you. What’s more, your plan is a “living” one: As your situation or goals change, we’ll be able to adjust it so that you stay on target toward your best future.

Financial Planning Process Key Wealth Partners Lancaster Pennsylvania


At Key Wealth Partners, our guidance is based exclusively on what’s in your best interests. We are legal fiduciaries, and as a fee-only boutique, we never face the conflicts of interest that can arise when investments are sold with sales commissions. Our success is based purely on helping our clients to succeed.


Your vision for the future is unique. Our expert planning services help you to sharpen it and to get on the road toward making it a reality. By working together to create and implementing a plan, we put you squarely in the driver’s seat on the road to confidence and fulfillment.