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 Your wealth is too important to gamble with. At Key Wealth Advisors, we invest based on respected, time-tested academic theory—not on hunches. Rather than trying to outguess the market, we patiently harness its power to help you achieve your long-term goals.


We design portfolios based on clear academic evidence of how markets work. And we use practical, low-cost solutions that reflect that understanding.

Our cornerstone principles include:

  • A belief that markets are efficient at setting prices—over the long term, there are no “shortcuts” to get ahead.
  • A commitment to systematic diversification in order to offset risk and participate in market growth.
  • A focus on asset allocation, which is historically responsible for the lion’s share of investment gains.
  • Long-term, disciplined thinking and steering clear of risky fads.


What seem like small discrepancies in investment fees can compound over time to substantially impact your portfolio performance.

That’s why we invest with an eye toward minimizing expenses. We seek out low-cost funds and limit taxes by controlling portfolio turnover.


Each client’s portfolio makeup reflects the objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance reflected in their financial plan. And our long-term, disciplined approach helps them to tune out daily noise, relax and focus on their goals.