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Families and corporate retirement plans need trustworthy professionals to manage their wealth. This is among the most important lessons learned in the face of constant market ups and downs. I am delighted to accept the highest fiduciary standard as my obligation to individual and retirement plan clients.

— David G. Niggel
Key Wealth Partners, LLC


Key Wealth Partners serves two principal groups of clients: Private individuals and families, and corporate retirement plans. We bring the same high standard of service and objective advice to both. 

PRIVATE CLIENTS "Professionals & Families"

We think of the individuals and families we serve as partners and active participants in defining and achieving their goals. We typically provide the greatest benefit for those with at least $250,000 to invest. Our private clients turn to us for everything from financial planning to investing to estate planning.



Our 401(k) clients have at least $1 million of investable assets. As with our private clients, we work with these institutional clients as trusted partners. Business executives appreciate that Key Wealth founder and CEO David Niggel is himself an entrepreneur and business leader—and therefore understands first-hand the importance of robust, easy-to-manage benefits solutions.

Key Wealth prides itself on delivering objective, expert guidance that has earned the trust of private and corporate clients alike.


Americans are often surprised to learn that not all advisors are legally required to act in their clients’ best interests.

Most “advisors” are technically stockbrokers—and are allowed to take sales commissions into account when choosing products to recommend to their clients. At Key Wealth Partners, we believe our clients deserve better.

We operate under the fiduciary standard, which commits us to:

  • Putting client interests ahead of our own financial interests.
  • Delivering transparency around our fees and services.
  • Eliminating and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Recommending the best solution for clients’ needs.
  • Minimizing each client’s investment costs.

Key Wealth Partners is proud to serve as your expert partner and advocate. And being independent fiduciaries is critical to our mission: Helping you to succeed.